Crew member Jack and the 'One and All' ready to board
The challenge of sailing
Our latest 'One and All' sail training recruit, Jack, describes his experience.
In the heart of the sea, where the wild winds blow,
On the One and All, my spirit learned to grow.
Five days of challenges, fears embraced,
With mates and friendships, a bond encased.
The creak of the mast, the salt in the air,
Each day a battle, each moment a dare.
From dawn to dusk, under sun and star,
We sailed together, near and far.
Faces once strangers, now friends so true,
United by oceans of deepest blue.
In the rhythm of waves, our fears dissolved,
As we faced the unknown, our resolve evolved.
Through storms that raged and nights so deep,
We found our courage, our fears to keep.
Mateship forged in the trials we faced,
In the heart of the ship, our fears erased.
And amidst the challenges, we found our grace,
With laughter and stories, in every place.
The One and All, a ship and a friend,
A journey that never truly ends.
So, here's to the journey, the ship, and the crew,
To the lessons learned, both old and new.
On the One and All, where dreams set sail,
In the heart of the sea, our spirits prevail.
- Jack Harrison 
Beanie sales coming up
Plant at tree
Where's ya bin?
Our bins are full!
Of recycled ringpulls from aluminium cans.
Final weight... 98 KILOGRAMS of Aluminium.. and a new record for the recycling centre.
6 plastic bins of aluminium ringpulls from cans were collected and sorted by members at their 'once a month' recycling mornings. When sent to the recyclers, these valuable morsels return money  to our club for international projects.
Thanks to all who do an awesome job sorting these. Another job well done....
Join us for coffee and cake on the first Saturday of the month at the sheds to sort ringpulls and wind recycled rope.
National Volunteers Week bounty
In recognition of our efforts as volunteers, Bunnings donated a generous basket of goodies to our club.
In Rotary tradition, instead of enjoying these snacks, we donated the basket to the Hackham West Community Centre.
Thank you Bunnings for giving us the opportunity to share with others.
Boots at the Beach
John Bice Memorial Oval at Christies Beach rang with cheers when the Southern Football League challenged Great Southern Football League at a very special 'Boots at the Beach' event. Under 15boys, Under 17 boys and girls and adult men's and women's teams vied for supremacy on an overcast, still day perfect for footy.
For more details check out Katrine's and the league's pages.
As usual, members from our Rotary Club collected gate fees and enjoyed the day.


5 June 2024

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